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EyeData – Portugal, Europe and World

What is it?

EyeData® is a statistical data analysis tool with a strong visual component, created by Social Data Lab for the national news agency LUSA.

It contains information for 3 different geographies: Portugal and its municipalities, Portugal in the EU and Portugal in the world. In each geography, about 100 variables specially chosen for their relevance are presented, and collected from reliable sources, to illustrate the economic, social or cultural realities.

In each geography, interpretative factors (aggregators) can be related to variables – just as variables can relate to each other – to understand their interrelations.

Why was it created/what is it for?

There’s a lot of information in the age we live in. However, in order to understand our complex societies, it is necessary to promote, in addition to the consultation and use of statistical data, the ability to interconnect the data. Thus, this tool, free of charge, allows, in a simple, intuitive and visually appealing way, to grasp reality in a related way, that is, combining several indicators at the same time.

Why is it innovative?

Innovation stems from:

  • ergonomics: using only one image on the computer display, without having to change the page, it is possible to “play” with the available buttons and check boxes and observe the results, of the successive experiments carried out, in the variables and maps of each of the 3 geographies;
  • simplicity: easy and intuitive tool for a user who does not need special knowledge of Statistics or Mathematics;
  • speed in the acquisition of knowledge: it is possible, in a minute, to visualize the stain of the municipalities or countries with greater economic development, for example, or to verify that it is in the most economically developed Portuguese municipalities that there is greater fertility.

Project details

Client name:
LUSA - news agency
Business Intelligence