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Business Intelligence applied to Health

The Social Data Lab has extensive experience in projects in the area of Health, of which stands out, because it is in the public domain, the Business Intelligence project carried out for the Directorate-General of Health in more than 8 key areas (including Mortality, Mental Health and Respiratory Diseases). Social Data Lab has been a consultant to the Directorate-General for Health since 2012, where she has developed extensive work in managing large volumes of data and information analysis.

This project includes the realization of dashboards   that centralize multiple datasources , both internal health  – and, for example, the SICO Information System of Death Certificates, the database of Hospital Morbidity and SIM@SNS – as external sociodemographic scope .

These platforms allow to cross indicators in a multidimensional way and provide answers not only in terms of improving government management and care delivery –  enabling  them to know in depth the determinants of health and act in a more fundamental way, in particular in prevention  – but also in improving the dissemination of information to the general public.

Social Data Lab has collaborated with numerous entities – of a public and private nature – in order to respond to their information and knowledge needs and to make a valid contribution to health literacy.

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Directorate-General of Health
Business Intelligence