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What is it?

Forecasting models use machine learning methods to accurately estimate   valuable information for operations planning and optimization.

With Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, our models learn from the past examples, allowing to know the future and the unknown. We provide results (in dashboards, for example) that can be viewed in different application interfaces (computer, tablet, mobile phone).

Social Data Lab is specializes in enriching  history  with relevant information such as Google  (e.g. Google Trends),  surveys,  weather developments,  demographic changes, etc.

What is it for?

Our models promote the optimization of operations in different areas through advanced analysis, such as future forecasts, which are based on the intelligent combination of various heterogeneous data sources.

We provide the forecast for indicators with high impact on your operations, such as:

  • Product demand and sales;
  • Churn (customer abandonment rate);
  • Sentimental analysis;
  • Energy consumption;
  • Disease epidemics.

How do you do it?

Machine Learning models use algorithms such as Neural Networks, Support  Vector MachinesRandom  Forests, among others, which combine different data sources and allow the use of interactions between variables from different sources and characteristics.

Example dashboard with predictions