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EyeData – COVID-19 Pandemic

Every day we are confronted with a lot of information regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. Although much, we lack fundamental information: the understanding of  the virus spread. Thus, in addition to use of statistical data,  interconnecting  and  understanding data is urgently needed.

Why does alentejo have few cases of Covid-19? What distinctive features does the North have to be the region with the most cases?

This platform allows, in a simple, intuitive and visually appealing way, to grasp the reality COVID-19 in a relatedway,  combining  various indicators  collected from official sources. For the case of Portugal, the use of INE and PORDATA sources stands out. For the world case stand out the sources  World  Data  Bank, UnitedNations, OECD and ILO.

We intend to provide the various actors in this fight, all of us – citizens, companies, health professionals, responsible government entities   – with sustained scientific knowledge so that we  can act more and better against this pandemic, contributing positively to the slowdown of its dispersion.

This is a free  and   universal access   dashboard, allowing to disseminate reliable information and to make understood this new reality, at municipal and world level, with daily updating.

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LUSA - news agency
Business Intelligence