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What is it?

It is the way an individual understands the world around him from the information that comes to him through statistical data.

This index was created by Social DataLab and presented, for the first time and in a pioneering way, in the Conference of European Statistics Stakeholders, Budapest (October 2016).

What is it for?

A better-informed population is the basis of a more developed society.

Measuring statistical literacy in a standardized way allows comparable results to be obtained for different populations.

At the individual level, it will be possible to know how statistical literacy is related to other variables such as gender, age, region, occupation or interest in politics.

At national level, it will be possible to know how statistical literacy is related to productivity or economic growth, for example.

How is it composed?

The index consists of 5 dimensions, as statistical literacy requires:

  1. consider statistical information important to know the reality and form opinion
  2. be interested in searching, accessing and capturing statistical information
  3. have ease in understanding the language, concepts and symbols of statistical data
  4. be able to evaluate or criticize the information received and the extrapolation validity
  5. understand the meaning of the content of the statistical data so as to form an opinion from the message captured


To know the methodology and questionnaire of the Statistical Literacy Index, as well as the results for the Portuguese population, click here.