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Business Intelligence applied to Digital Marketing

With the massification of the internet there has been a profound change in the way information is transmitted and in the way companies interact with their customers. The volatile and widely disseminated nature of an online digital marketing strategy makes continuous analysis of competition indispensable to your company’s success.

It is important to observe the best and worst practices of your competitors and analyze the  strengths,  opportunities,  weaknesses  and threats of your business (SWOT analysis) in order to define action strategies that can guide your company in the right direction.

The Social Data  Lab can help you identify the performance indicators (KPIs)that best suit yourbusiness needs and can help you monitor and analyze the performance of your  competitors, for example by analyzing information available on social networks. We want to give you all the tools you need to define measurable sustainable strategies in realtime, easily adjustable according to yourindustry’s market trends, helping you to position yourself one step ahead of your competitors.

The dashboard  presented exemplifies a type of possible competition analysis, using indicators obtained through social networks. In it we compared the evolution of 87 indicators from 5 different social networks (facebookInstagramPinteresttwitter  and  YouTube) to 9competing companies in the Banking Sector.


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