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Through the production and analysis of data, and with the help of Business Intelligence and Machine Learning tools, Social Data Lab aims to help its customers and partners to obtain solutions that generate greater value and meet their needs.

Our experience covers a wide spectrum of skills, from Statistics to Market Research, through Election Forecasting, Business Intelligence, Machine Learning, Healthcare, Biology, Demography and Sociology.

The different experiences of volunteering and directing NGOs are reflected, in a business sphere, in the humanization of our relationships and in the ambition to develop work with positive social impact. Combining innovation with impactSDL built the SLI2 – Social Data Lab Impact Index®, the Eyedata®, the concept of Social Inter-Impact and the Statistical Literacy Index (click here to learn more).


Our team is composed of dedicated, creative and versatile people, who aim accuracy and professionalism in each project. Attentive to detail, we build a culture of demand and pride, shaped by flexibility and adaptability, which allows us to meet the real needs of the client. Driven by the desire to learn and self-overcome, we intend to create a joint path with our customers and partners, which allows us to improve more efficiently and effectively the society we live in.