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  • Social Data Lab BI & ML/AI & Advanced statistics
  • Business Intelligence Data Warehouse & Dashboarding
  • Data Science Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence
  • EYEDATA Portugal, Europe and World indicators
  • SOCIAL IMPACT Measurement with an innovative method


We have established a careful process of collecting and evaluating information external and internal to the organization.

Collection and Production Information

We use rigorous measurement and analysis instruments, complemented with an appealing and interactive visualization.

Analysis and Visualization

We use modern and complex methods of forecasting and future projection that allow the definition of strategies.



Information Collection

Collection of information internal and external to the organization.
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Business Intelligence

Decision support, extracting insights about data.
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Machine Learning

Ability to extract patterns and predictions
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Advanced Statistics

Understanding reality in a multidimensional and interconnected way, crossing multiple indicators from different data sources.
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Pharmacoeconomic Evaluation

Studies of efficiency, effectiveness and behaviours in order to improve the decision-making process and promote more and better health for all.
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Social Impact Measurement

Social Data Lab has created an index to help organizations to improve their social impact performance with their beneficiaries.
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Some Projects

Some clients

For the sake of ethics, confidentiality and protection of our customers,
we do not disclose their identity or the respective projects carried out.

However, this conduct does not apply to clients whose work is public knowledge.
For these, we present some examples below:


Social Data Lab is dedicated to the production and statistical analysis of information.

What moves us is to put the knowledge and understanding of society at the service of the different elements of the community (people, public entities, companies, non-profit institutions), promoting informed decision-making and future social well-being.