1. The sales forecasting model uses Machine Learning methods to accurately estimate valuable information for planning and optimizing operations. Learning algorithms allow to capture the relationship between different external factors and sales variables, making it possible to estimate the evolution of demandSocial Data Lab specializes in enriching sales history with relevant information such as Google Trends, surveys, weather evolution, demographic changes, etc.. The models make it possible to forecast both sales to distributors and final consumers.

More details here.

2. EyeData® is a statistical data analysis tool, with a strong visual component, created by Social Data Lab to Agência Lusa. It contains information for 3 different geographies: Portugal and its municipalities, Portugal in the EU and Portugal in the world

This tool, of free access, allows, in a simple, intuitive and visually pleasant way, to look at the reality through a relational process, i.e., combining several variables at the same time.

More details about EyeData® here.

3. SLI2 – Social data Lab Impact Index® is a measurement tool which estimates the Social Impact of any type of Organization – company or non-profit organization – among its stakeholders. It is exhaustive (in its multiple dimensions), quantitative and comparable, in time and between organizations.

More details about SLI2 - Social data Lab Impact Index® here.

4. Social Inter-Impact is a new concept, created by Social Data Lab. It means mutual benefit, i.e., reciprocal impact between organizations and their stakeholders.

The purpose is to estimate the economic return received by the organizations, due to the Social Impact they have created among their stakeholders.

More details about Social Inter-Impact concept here.

5. The Statistical Literacy Index measures the competence of an individual to build an opinion about the society or the world he lives in, based on reliable statistical data.

This index was first presented in the Conference of European Statistics Stakeholders, in Budapest (October 2016).

More details about Statistical Literacy Index here.

6. Electoral forecasts based on exit polls were created in Portugal by one of Social Data Lab partners, in 1987. For the last 20 years, 10 forecasts were carried out for general and european elections. The average error obtained by party has been 0.57%.

More details about those exit polls here.

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