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What is it?

Social Inter-Impact is a new concept, created by the Social Data Lab, for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) of the 21st century. It means mutual benefit, i.e. reciprocalimpact, between organisations and their stakeholders.

Why was it created?

The scientific bibliography has been showing the economic (and financial) return of the Social Impact of organizations, since this benefit is then reciprocated by those impacted in several ways (e.g., higher   productivity, increased market shares, less legal litigation, appreciation on the stock exchange – depending on the type of recipient we are considering). It became, therefore, imperative to estimate this return.

How do you esteem?

Through multidimensional statistical analysis it is possible to explain the variation of the return from the variation of the impact. This allows us to know how to act, and on what indicators to act, to maximise return.

In many cases it is still possible to compare the estimated investments for a given expected increase in impact with the corresponding return value.