Social Inter-Impact

What is it?

Social Inter-Impact is a new concept, created by Social Data Lab, for the XXI century Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). It means mutual benefit, i.e., reciprocal impact between organizations and their stakeholders.

Why was it created?

The scientific literature has been evidencing the economic (and financial) return of the organizations’ Social Impact, since this benefit is returned in several ways (e.g.: higher productivity, increased market shares, less legal litigation, valuation on the stock market - depending on the type of recipient we are considering). Thus it became imperative to estimate this return.

How is it estimated?

Through multidimensional statistical analysis it is possible to explain the variation of the return from the variation of the impact. This allows organizations to know how and on which indicators it is necessary to act, in order to maximize the return.

In many cases, it is also possible to compare the estimated investment for an expected increased impact with the estimated corresponding return.

Social Data Lab

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