SLI2 – Social data Lab Impact Index®

What is it?

SLI2 – Social data Lab Impact Index® measures the Social Impact of any type of Organization – company or non-profit organization – among its stakeholders. 

Besides measuring the social performance of an organization, SLI2 can also be used to predict projects' social impact before projects even started or funded.

How was it created?

SLI2 – Social data Lab Impact Index® resulted from an extensive bibliographic research (mainly of scientific nature) which analysed hundreds of references (books, articles and institutional websites) and raised thousands of indicators.

At the end of the analysis, more than 300 bibliographic sources and around 4000 indicators were retained as relevant to the model.

Why is it unique?

This index is exhaustive (in its multiple dimensions), quantitative and comparable, in time and between organizations.

What is its composition?

The index can be calculated globally or specifically for stakeholders.

Social Data Lab

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