What is it?

EyeData® is a statistical data analysis tool, with a strong visual component, created by Social Data Lab to Agência Lusa.

It contains information for 3 different geographies: Portugal and its municipalities, Portugal in the EU and Portugal in the world. In each geography, there are presented about 60 variables specially chosen for their relevance, and obtained from reliable sources, to illustrate the economic, social and cultural realities we deal with.

In each geography, there are also presented interpretative factors (aggregations of variables) which can be related to the variables - as they can relate to each other - to understand their common variation.

Why was it created? / What is its purpose?

We deal with a great amount of information in our era. Yet, to understand our complex societies, we have to promote, not only the use of statistical data, but also the capacity of interrelating those data. So, this tool, of free access, allows, in a simple, intuitive and visually pleasant way, to look at the reality through a relational process, i.e., combining several variables at the same time.

Why is it innovative?

  • ergonomic: using one single image in your screen (for each geography), with no page changing, it is possible to “play” with the buttons and the available selection boxes and to see the results of all experiments done in the maps and corresponding values;

  • simple: easy and intuitive tool for users without special knowledge about Statistics or Mathematics;

  • fast learning: in one single minute, it is possible to see the municipalities or countries spread along the maps and, for instance, discover in what measure the most conservative countries of the EU lack of resident foreigners and have a lower fertility rate.

Social Data Lab

Social Data Lab is a Social Analysis Laboratory dedicated to the production and statistical analysis of the information.


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