Machine Learning

What is it?

With Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, our models learn from past examples, allowing to foresee the future and the unknown. We provide results (on dashboards, for example) that can be visualized in different application interfaces (computer, tablet, mobile phone).


What is it for?

Our models promote the optimization of operations in different areas through advanced analyzes, such as future forecasts, which are based on the intelligent combination of several heterogeneous data sources.

We provide forecast of indicators that have a high impact on the operations, such as:

• Search and sales of products;
• Churn (abandonment rate by customers);
• Analysis of feeling;
• Energy consumption;
• Diseases Epidemics.

How is it processed?

Machine Learning models rely on automatic learning algorithms such as Neural NetworksSupport Vector MachinesRandom Forests, among others, combining different data sources and allowing the use of interactions between variables of different origins and characteristics.

Dashboard with predictions example

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